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Is Sales not really pulling through? Want toconfirm where you are lagging before committing to a development direction?

Posted 21/1/2016

An AS IS assessment it typically the first step you want to take whenever you are looking for improvements. There are many ways to take stock of a situation, but a self-audit is often a good start. Consultants typically have structured ways of doing it and we can offer you a Commercial Audit structure. It helps you find and prioritize your development areas.

If you do it as a team, or we facilitate your discussion around it, there is the added benefit of developing a common understanding and buy-in to the prioritization.


It’s still evolving, but is looking at 8 different keys: Relationship, Selling, 

Pricing, Process, Products, Materials, Online and Cycle time. 


If you are interested let’s try it out - please fill in your contact information or e-mail us on We’ll get in touch to see how we best move forward.


We are developing this service together with Leanmap at

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