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Power of Feedback Coaching

Posted 16/6/2014

Feedback Coaching is were ”the rubber hits the road” in my work. Every session is different, yet the topic is the same. It’s always about finding out how a person can use their own strength and insights in their own doing and being.

The SHL certification training teaches how to read profiles. Through experience one starts to see links between dimensions that can reinforce patterns or explain why certain parts stay dormant.

Sometimes less is more, simplifying the scores can make the profile easier to understand and see aspects that are worth to act on. 
Let me illustrate this through an example.

In our Sales Profiling we simplify scores to the old sales characteristics of Hunter / Farmer. The Farmer is the one that manages the account, creates a multitude of relevant opportunities, prioritises cases, optimizes the size of case, closes it and takes the next case forward as well.
The Hunter looks for the new kind of deals, the big transformational or business development deals that changes the way things are done. He or she will be making the right contacts, focus on getting them to desire the available (or at least soon to be ready) solution, portraying them in an way that cannot be resisted.

On our projects this is a generalization we discuss with the team leaders on our review calls. It's often a starting point to discuss if people are leveraging their strengths enough.

In one example a person that always considered himself a Farmer was shown that the profile is stronger on the Hunter side. He confronted his own fear of failure by focusing on all the aspects were he had build businesses or implemented new processes. He realized that had already been told by many colleagues that his Hunter side clearly is stronger than the Farmer side, yet he had never taken it to heart.

In the end he decided to start up his own business to see if he can learn to trust his instincts even more. As far as I know he is quite happy with it.

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