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Extending the scope of Leadership Team Assessments

Posted 8/7/2014

There are many companies that provide leadership team assessments. These help leaders ensure the diversity of the team. It helps to fully engage each member of the team and makes the communication in the team such that all units work well together. Normally the assessments are based on long interviews, some questionnaires and possibly some observations by a consultant. The impact can be great and if actions are taken to cover the gaps identified; the impact can be long lasting. However, most often the cost per person is also significant.


What we, at Cedercreutz Consulting, do is provide an optimized service that can scale. Having a similar approach across a large organization provides internal benchmarks and helps find structural deficiencies. Three things become very important to make such a project realistic:

  • Your middle management needs attention, both as participants and as team leaders. The impact will only happen if these participants actively work for it.
  • The whole assessment has to be solidly project managed, because many individuals can slow it down or stop it entirely from happening.
  • The cost per person has to come down to a manageable level, while not giving up on the solidness of the approach.


At Nokia Siemens Networks we did this for around 1500 sales people. We also did it for tens or hundreds of Product Managers, Pricing Managers and Customer Operations Managers.


We can do the Feedback Coaching ourselves or help you find the right persons within your organization whom we then can train to become Feedback Coaches. 

We will help you find the right approach to Line Manager Reviews and help you run them if wanted.

We can help identify the needed competence development measures to get long lasting results.

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